The Body and Heart Healing Process


Every bodily symptom that arises is a message; it is the body’s sign for a misalignment in the system. Karina Himayla can intuit the deeper meaning behind it and “translates” the message the body wants to convey with this symptom.
This can be an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issue. Most of the times the clients are not aware of the causes as they are deeply hidden in the sub-consciousness. With her evolved intuition she can access the sub-conscious (only with the client’s permission!) and reveal these causes.


Karina Himayla adapted her vibrations to the Higher Dimension under the loving support and guidance of the Master-Healer “Himayla”. She was initiated to work with and through “Himayla’s Holigram”, an Energyfield and Expression of Pure Love.
Her Heart Hands are now a direct extension of the Holigram and this increased her healing powers immensely, when working on the physical bodies as well as with etheric, astral and spiritual/light bodies.


The connection to the innate State of Pure Health is often blocked through limiting and constantly repeating thought patterns, fears, old beliefs or paradigms. These beliefs are stored in the DNA in every cell. Over time they can turn into very dense energies and if not addressed in an early stage, they can establish into diseases and illnesses.


The physical, mental and emotional Healing Process consists of two Parts:


The first one-on-one session can be held in person, by phone or via Skype. The healing process is teamwork between the Client, Karina Himayla and the Heavenly Realms/Guides. Karina Himayla helps to remove blockages, which have been preventing healing and sets the energies in motion with her healing gifts. Her healing energies are the catalysts for creating changes to enable the clients to reconnect with their own (healing) energies.


The first Part deals with the client’s most pressing issue:


An initial counseling is followed by an Energetic Body Scan. Karina Himayla “sees” with her Heart Hands like x-rays and can detect the dense energy accumulations and imbalances in the system – even over distance.


She not only works on the symptom itself, but eliminates the mental and emotional blocks behind the issue, their root-causes and their energetic debris. This frees her clients from their “hamster-wheel” of the often self-destructive repetitive behaviors and thought patterns that stand in the clients’ way to heal or to move forward.


By re-connecting them with their own abundant life-essence flow as well as with the Blueprint of Pure Health, she supports the client to open up to new ways and opportunities to move forward towards a healthier life.

She enables the body to return to its Wholeness and let her clients re-experience their Divine Selves, which leads then to expanding happiness, contentment, stability, health and an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Karina Himayla is able to work on the cellular level. She can read the code of the DNA and replaces the old beliefs with the new intentions. By creating a cellular structure that is balanced and full of dynamic energy, she can reconnect her clients with their Divine Soul Code.


She raises their vibrations by “Himayla’s Energy- and Love-Transmissions”. This works almost instantly on the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual level and her clients report about feeling relieved and lighter already during the session. Karina Himayla’s main Body-(and Home)-Healing-Tool is the “Holigram” – a Healing-Energy Field in the Universe (see under the Tab: Healing Services/The Holigram). She can crystallize extension of the Holigram into distinct shapes and colours according to their assignations for the physical healing (and home healing). In order to support this high vibrational state created in the first session, she implements up to 3 Holigrams into the client’s energy body.


The physical body needs some more time to heal completely as it is still manifested in the 3D. Therefore Part one and Part two are complete sequence of 21 days each.


As an additional support for the physical and emotional healing, she takes her clients on remote journeys into the Sacred Healing Chambers in Egypt and Atlantis, to where she is deeply connected in her healing work. She will conduct the Realignment-Sessions with the Blueprint of pure Health and Wellbeing in the Chambers. During these remote journeys the clients receive high vibrational infusions with the Blue Healing Rays on a continual basis. This constant influence is crucial to keep their frequencies on a high vibrational rate until the body has gently re-adapted to the vibrations of the Blueprint of Pure Health and finally can realign with its innate State of Complete Health. Karina Himayla is monitoring this healing process on a continuous basis.


The initiation of this process to heal a specific symptom will be accomplished in and in the days after the One-on-One Healing Transmission and the ongoing Energy Infusions will complete the process over time.


Part one consists of 4-5 sessions

Full Body Scan

Release of Beliefs

Healing and Re-Alignment of the main issue

If necessary, 2-4 Spine Re-Alignments

New Intentions in DNA

3 Holigrams

Energetic Pain Relieve Infusion

21 Days daily Invocation by the client

Visits in the Sacred Healing Chambers


The second Part will complete the Healing Process (but can be booked separately):


If the clients responded well to the energetic treatment and want to complete the healing process (in Part one the emphasis lay on the main issue), Karina Himayla will include all other misalignments and imbalances found during the full body scan into the follow up healing process. This includes healing of the involved organs or systems, 2 or 3 chakra alignments, reducing the stress level, implanting up to 3 more Holigrams into the energy body. There will be an infusion of lacking vitamins and minerals, hormone balancing, lymph activation, whatever the body requires for its holistic healing – all on an energetic level. The 21 days invocation and more visits in the Sacred Healing Chambers via remote travels are furthermore included.


Part two consists of 5-6 sessions

Healing of the imbalanced Organs or Systems

2-3 Chakra Alignments
Reducing the Stress Level
3 additional Holigrams
Infusion of Vitamins and Minerals
Hormone Balancing
Lymph Activation
21 days daily Invocation by the client
Further visits in the Sacred Healing Chambers


This incessant transmission works on an energetic level and will not compromise the daily routine of the client as it works in a Divine manner very gentle on the body and soul.


If new or other issues arise, this process can be repeated with the new symptoms.