The Holigram


The word “Holigram” is coined by “Himayla” and is a combination of:


Holistic – as the physical, energetic, environmental, spiritual, mentally and genetic levels are addressed and implied, this is a truly holistic healing approach


Program – which contains multi-dimensional, high-vibrational information


Hologram – which is a light filled 3-dimensional object, but the Holigram is far beyond the 3D of a hologram


Holy Grail – which many seek outside, but it is actually the essence of their core energy, the Divine Self.



The Holigram is an Universal Healing-Energy Field.

The Crystalline Extensions of the Holigram manifest into different shapes and gleam brightly in distinct colours according to their assignations. Here theses Extensions also referred to as “Holigrams” of the Universal Holigram.


Until now the following revealed themselves:



for Realignment with the Blueprint for Pure Health and Wellbeing on all levels
(physical, metal, emotional, spiritual)


for Abundance Creation

for Spiritual Development and Growth Enhancement
for Career Boost and Professional Growth
for Peace, Balance, unconditional Love, Self-Love and Forgiveness
for Vibration Raising
for Connection with the Realm of Infinite Possibilities
especially for Women for Self-Esteem and Confidence
Shaolin Monk-Holigram
especially for Men for Self-Esteem and Confidence
for Fun and overflowing Joy
for Support and the Conscious Awareness of the ever present Guidance
for Protections and the Confidence that the Angels are always with us
for Mental Clarity and Conscious Awareness
for Home Clearing, Realignment and Harmony
for Protection in case of unfavorable bed-positions and other Feng Shui afflictions
In her Feng Shui consultations Karina Himayla will manifest a Home Healing Holigram specified for the houses she is working with in order to heal and harmonize the home as well as its inhabitants.
The Pocket Holigram is a physical Mini-Healing-Tool. It is either a Crystal, which can be carried on the body or a Rose Oil, which can be added to the daily skincare or as a special treat in a massage oil.
Karina Himayla will program the Crystal or the Rose Oil with up to 3 of the above mentioned Holigrams.